Red Mill Propaganda

We are excited to introduce to you Kelowna’s first digital magazine.

Propaganda, as defined by Red Mill Propaganda;

A concerted set of messages aimed at influencing the opinions and behavior of large numbers of people. Instead of using information to impact people negatively, Propaganda presents thoughts and ideas in a candid fashion in order to evoke a response in the reader. The desired result is a change in the perception of and cognitive narrative towards life.

Basically we love life and want the most that life has to offer. Through a positive message, a community of people can come together to influence the perspective of others. We want to encourage you to join us by doing what you do best, pursue your passions and bust out your thoughts and ideas. Feel free to contribute your findings that we can chuck on paper (or screen), whether it be an article, movie, photography or art. contains two components; a digital magazine – published bimonthly and the web site – full of all sorts of goodies including articles and event listings.

We endeavor to bring you articles that will make you rethink life, get excited about new ideas and support your community.

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