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Vote for Habitat and win free concert tickets

Vote for Habitat as top music venue in Canada and win free concert tickets!

You can vote everyday until voting closes.

http://radio3.cbc.ca to sign up or
http://radio3.cbc.ca/polls?pollId=29 for a direct link to the polls!
Help put Kelowna’s music scene on the map, vote for the Habitat by going to www.cbcradio3.com .
If Habitat wins, the prize is a concert sponsored by CBC Radio 3 with a surprise line up of great bands.
For those Habitat fans who vote at least 5 times they will get a free VIP ticket to the CBC Radio 3 Celebration concert.
And for superfans who vote the most, they will be put in a Grand Prize draw that includes free tickets,
dinner, drinks, and VIP seats for themselves and 10 friends at the CBC Radio 3 Concert.
You can either come to Habitat and vote in person or you can vote online.
If you vote online make sure you print off proof each time that you voted with the date included.

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